The lives and livelihoods of people starting a business, being self-employed or running their own limited companies are largely unimportant to both sides of the Houses of Parliament.

So, we should not have been surprised at the merciless discrimination of over 3 million #ExcludedUK from income support during the pandemic.

After all, the same politicians regard as unimportant the lives and
livelihoods of the ten million people getting sicker and many even opioid addicted on UK hospital waiting lists, the millions of lives ruined by the climate crisis and the women and children bombed, homeless, maimed and killed in Gaza.

They will always find hundreds of ¬£billions for “wars,” banks, the largest corporations, VIP lanes, privatisation, and BigCo infrastructure projects, but ordinary enterprising people like you and me are regarded as “lifestylers,” “homeworkers”, “not viable,” “little commercial potential,” “irrelevant,” or in need of a “proper job.”

The #ScaleUp investment and ‘access to finance’ movement, created by the banks in the USA and endorsed by the World Economic Forum, has become the only government game-in-town for micro-business owners in the UK.

The government prefers to deal only with potential high-growth #startups and companies that are “SMEs” with five or more employees.

Discrimination erodes people’s self-worth.

Most keep their heads down and suffer in silence.

Few people side with those discriminated against in case they are tarred with the same brush.

It took a TV drama for the injustice of self-employed sub-postmasters to be taken seriously.

The increasing number of suicides is not enough to gain public support for the ExcludedUK (37+) loan charge victims (10+) and those losing homes and livelihoods because of unfair payment terms and practices (hundreds).

In the mainstream media, only Greg Wright/Yorkshire Post has consistently campaigned for loan charge victims. #ExcludedUK and #payin30days or less.

But the 3 million #ExcludedUK were told: “No one would be left behind”. It was a lie and the suffering continues.

If you’re still uncertain about the scale of this tragedy, download the Kindle version of “¬£xcluded Voices” by Stephen Liddell with an introduction by me.

THEN, please donate a little of your dosh to the mental health counselling service of #ExcludedUK. Thank you, and, as always, thank you to Jennifer Griffiths, who is the last leader standing ot our movement.

The Micro Business Alliance was formed, in part, to ensure such a tragedy of discriminatory policymaking could never happen again.

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