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Alliance Member, Simply Business, have produced their SME Insights Report which is an annual study of challenges and trends in the small business sector.

Their in-depth survey of small business owners gives us unique insight into needs and concerns, from funding to regulation.

The data also highlights macroeconomic trends to help us understand the overall state of the SME market in the UK.

  1. 1070 respondents – nearly all are active self-employed people and micro-business owners
  2. The conclusions and recommendations are “evidence-based”
  3. The research is independent and valid, led by a government-recognised authority – Jonathan Portes, Professor of Economics and Public Policy at King’s College London
  4. The research covers the top issues policymakers need to know about the current issues and opportunities for micro-business owners. namely:
  • How has the cost of living crisis affected business owners?
  • Ongoing challenges and concerns
  • Impact of rising energy costs
  • Late payments and overdue invoices
  • Pricing challenges and the rising cost of doing business
  • Sustainability is a high priority
  • Fastest growing businesses
  • Challenges faced by female business owners
  • Mental health challenges for the self-employed
  • What does the future hold?

You can download the report from their website here.

What’s it like for small business owners in 2023?

Optimism, concerns, challenges – The Simply Business SME insights report is a detailed temperature check on UK small businesses.

Watch the video below to see the key findings from their report.

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