A Christmas story

pubs and restaurants

As we approach the Christmas Holiday it is usually a time of year when pubs are gearing up for a bumper trading period and its one that certainly used to carry them through the very quiet January and February months. But that is no longer the case, the pandemic as we suspected was a tipping…

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Still smiling This year has seen one crisis after another adversely affect the lives and livelihoods of 5.2 million micro-business owners. I didn’t think life could get harder for all startups and micro-business owners than when 3 million were excluded from government income support during the pandemic, but it has. Despite my best efforts with…

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12 Tips For Managing Your Cash Flow

First published at https://businessdoctors.co.uk/12-tips-for-improving-your-business-cashflow/ Challenging economic times have a massive impact on businesses – revenue and profits may dip while expenses continue to increase, which puts an enormous strain on your cash flow. Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, so when times are tough, managing cash flow effectively can make a difference. If…

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