The political parties, get together.

Labour Party Conference

Things have been busy for the micro business alliance in the last few months we are a new organisation, so a lot of time has been spent letting people know that we exist and more importantly what we exist for. We don’t want to get into the situation ever again when millions of small business…

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5 Ways We Can Help Each Other Today

Our News Release launching the Micro Business Alliance and this fabulous website designed and curated by Ian Farrar and Mischa Steele have both been well received. The last week has given us great impetus with the Government and new members nationally and internationally. The support of Liz Barclay, the Small Business Commissioner, and the Shadow…

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Micro Business Alliance launches to represent 95% of all businesses.

Over 100 organisations that work in supporting micro businesses have united to create and launch the Micro Business Alliance. The support provided to businesses during the pandemic failed to recognise the vast majority of micro businesses that account for 1 in 3 employees in the country and contribute a fifth of the country’s GDP. Many…

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