A Christmas story

pubs and restaurants

As we approach the Christmas Holiday it is usually a time of year when pubs are gearing up for a bumper trading period and its one that certainly used to carry them through the very quiet January and February months. But that is no longer the case, the pandemic as we suspected was a tipping…

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The political parties, get together.

Labour Party Conference

Things have been busy for the micro business alliance in the last few months we are a new organisation, so a lot of time has been spent letting people know that we exist and more importantly what we exist for. We don’t want to get into the situation ever again when millions of small business…

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Wellbeing survey among entrepreneurs and microbusiness owners.

The Micro Business Alliance are pleased to announce our partnership with Oxford Brookes University looking at wellbeing among entrepreneurs and microbusiness owners.The survey will give us an insight into just how challenging, but also how rewarding working in this sector can be. We want to produce the definitive survey which we will be able to…

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