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Purpose and Mission Statement

The Micro Business Alliance is an unincorporated alliance of organisations that, between them, directly represent over 1.2 million micro businesses, and indirectly a further 4 million micro businesses.

Collectively, the alliance therefore directly and indirectly represents 95% of private sector businesses in England, accounting for 32% of employment and nearly 20% of turnover.

These are important, headline figures. Yet they do little to highlight the extent to which micro businesses contribute to our society by supporting economic growth and creating a fairer society in a manner that is proportionately less carbon intensive and environmentally destructive than their larger counterparts.

For the sake of clarity, micro businesses include businesses of all types that employ 0 or up to 9 employees and including all start-ups. This includes freelancers, sole proprietors and even ‘side hustlers.’ Some of these micro businesses may be destined for fast growth, some will grow slowly, some will always stay tiny. We celebrate them all. There is no right nor wrong in growth capacity prediction and intent. They are all equally valuable in our society. We celebrate them all.

We celebrate the tenacity and entrepreneurism of hard-working micro business owners. We celebrate their ability to quickly pivot to meet the demands of an ever-changing society. We celebrate their values-based approach to business. We celebrate their passion for the goods and services they provide, their determination to deliver excellent customer service, and their desire to make a positive contribution to society.

As in any size or sector of business and of society, some micro businesses are greedy and have little respect for people and planet. They are not our friends. That is not who the Alliance represents. That does not dilute the importance of over 5 million values-based micro businesses including all start-ups because, for example:

  • Social Value

    Statistics clearly show that a much higher proportion of money spent with micro businesses stays within the local community creating instant social value;

  • Community

    Many micro businesses proactively support their local community in a broad range of ways adding considerably more social value;

  • Inclusivity

    Micro businesses employ people in ways that contribute meaningfully to human flourishing. In particular, micro businesses provide welcoming and supportive environments for people who are neurodiverse, disabled, or from any other marginalised sector of society

  • Society

    Many micro businesses are founded and efficiently operated by people who are neurodiverse, disabled, or from any other marginalised sector of society, who would not thrive in larger organisations

  • Environmental

    Micro businesses proportionately have a significantly lighter carbon footprint than larger businesses. They are entrenched in the local community with little or no commute. Many actively work to reducing their environmental impacts whilst also supporting local green initiatives, while many others launch products and services specifically aimed at reducing environmental impacts

The Levelling Up agenda requires infrastructure and investment in the most deprived areas of the country, yet it must be acknowledged that cities, towns and villages will never flourish without the bedrock of thriving micro businesses that bring character and diversity to localities in addition to supporting economic growth.

Similarly, economic growth must be managed in a way that does not continue to increase carbon emissions and deplete natural resources. Micro businesses provide a large part of the solution.

Hitherto, micro businesses have been under-valued and under-supported.


The mission of the Micro Business Alliance is to ensure

  • Micro businesses are no longer treated as the Cinderellas of the business world and are at the fore of Government planning and decision-making
  • The unique value that micro businesses bring to society, however small they are or likely to remain, is acknowledged
  • The unique characteristics and, therefore, needs of micro businesses are met;
  • Micro businesses are never again discriminated against purely based on the number of employees, turnover, length of time established, or structure of the business
  • Micro businesses get involved in the education and skills landscape and community development.


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