Importance of Micro Business

Celebrating Micro Business

Some micro businesses may be destined for fast growth; some will grow slowly, and some will always stay tiny. We celebrate them all.

There is no right nor wrong in growth capacity prediction and intent. They are all equally valuable in our society.

As in any size or sector of business and of society, some micro businesses are greedy and have little respect for people and the planet. They are not our friends. That is not whom the Alliance represents.

Who we represent

The Micro Business Alliance represents and celebrates the importance of over 5 million values-based micro-businesses, including all start-ups, because:

Micro businesses proportionately have a significantly lighter carbon footprint than larger businesses. They are entrenched in the local community with little or no commute. Many actively work to reduce their environmental impacts whilst supporting local green initiatives, while many others launch products and services specifically aimed at reducing environmental impacts

The Levelling Up agenda requires infrastructure and investment in the most deprived areas of the country. Yet, it must be acknowledged that cities, towns, and villages will never flourish without the bedrock of thriving micro businesses that bring character and diversity to localities

Micro businesses employ people in ways that contribute meaningfully to human flourishing. In particular, micro-businesses provide welcoming and supportive environments for people who are neurodiverse, disabled, or any other marginalised sector of society

Many micro businesses are founded and efficiently operated by people who are neurodiverse, disabled, or from any other marginalised sector of society, who would not thrive in larger organisations

Statistics clearly show that a much higher proportion of money spent with micro businesses stays within the local community creating instant social value

Many micro businesses proactively support their local community in a broad range of ways adding considerably more social value

Economic growth must be managed in a way that does not continue to increase carbon emissions and deplete natural resources. Micro businesses provide a large part of the solution

Steering Group

Ian Cass

Ian Cass (Chair)

Managing Director at The Forum of Private Business
Ian Farrar Podcaster and Entrepreneur

Ian Farrar

CEO and Founder of Far North Ltd
Director & CEO at Yorkshire In Business

Jenn Crowther

Director & CEO at Yorkshire In Business
CEO of the Organisation for Responsible Businesses

Jill Poet

CEO National Organisation for Responsible Businesses
Tony Robinson OBE

Tony Robinson OBE

Chair of Yorkshire in Business


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