The Micro Business Alliance


The members of the Micro Business Alliance believe that by collaborating and helping each other, we can gain better recognition, better represent the views of and work on better policymaking for micro-businesses with the Government.

This collaboration benefits the Government, all startups, self-employed people and micro business owners in England.

“Together we are mighty” and #microbizmatters

Who are the members?

Organisations (Company, Network, Influencer and Membership Body) that are engaged with at least 100 micro-businesses and sign up to The Micro Business Alliance, Purpose, Mission, and Values Statement. There is no charge.

Micro-businesses include businesses of all types that employ 0 or up to 9 employees and include all start-ups. This includes freelancers, sole proprietors and even ‘side hustlers.’


This unincorporated alliance of organisations directly represent over 1.2 million micro businesses and indirectly a further 4 million micro businesses.

Therefore, the Alliance, directly and indirectly, represents 95% of private sector businesses in England, accounting for 32% of employment and nearly 20% of turnover.

  • Private Sectors

  • Employment

  • Turnover


Purpose & Mission


To work constructively with the Government and Opposition parties on policymaking to ensure the survival, growth, and maximum contribution of micro businesses to our communities, society, and country.

To celebrate the tenacity and entrepreneurism of hard-working micro business owners.  This includes:

their ability to pivot to meet the demands of an ever-changing society quickly. We celebrate their values-based approach to business.
their passion for the goods and services they provide, their determination to deliver excellent customer service, and their desire to contribute to society positively


Micro businesses are no longer treated as the Cinderellas of the business world and are at the fore of Government planning and decision-making
The unique value micro-businesses bring to society, however small they are or are likely to remain, is acknowledged
The unique characteristics and, therefore, needs of micro businesses are met
Micro businesses are never again discriminated against purely based on the number of employees, turnover, length of time established, or business structure
Micro businesses get involved in the education and skills landscape and community development
Micro businesses create a fairer society in a manner that is proportionately less carbon-intensive and environmentally destructive than their larger counterparts

Supporting your Micro Business Journey

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